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EVTC Series - Thermally Protected Varistors


  • WPI's thermally protected MOVs
  • High energy handling capability.
  • Wide voltage range available: 150VAC – 680VAC.
  • Industry standard footprint and wave solderable.
  • UL1449 and CUL 4th Edition recognized. File #E321567. (Meets SCCR 200KA rating).
  • 50KA, 8/20μs peak surge current rating.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Exceeds industry standard operating and storage temperatures for this type of device. Rated at -40oC to +85o (operating) and -40oC to +125oC (storage).
  • Equipped with normally open micro-switch providing diagnostics (if other micro-switch options are required, please contact WPI).
  • Patents: USA, Germany, China,and Taiwan.

    EVTC's are intended, in conjunction with appropriate enclosure design, to help facilitate TVSS module compliance to UL1449. Under extreme abnormal over-voltage conditions, some units will exhibit substantial heating, arcing and venting prior to opening. Modules should be designed to contain this possibility.
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